Monday, October 30, 2006

About Ukrainian privatization

The days are gone when the state owned everything. A lot of privatization has been carried out the last several years - which is good.
Sometimes, the privatization process resulted in friends and family of powerful politicians could buy state owned companies for far less than they were worth - but I guess that was just a transition phase. I mean, privatization was new concept for everybody?

Private property (like apartment buildings) has also been privatized. But only the apartments, and not the staircases and courtyards etc. The result is obvious. We are living in pretty decent and modernized apartments, but everything around it is falling apart. NOBODY is interested in maintaining our roof for example, which is highly overdue! And why would anybody be interested - it's not theirs.

Take a look at the guy in the picture. OK, it's pretty funny that he's painting in his suit and tie. It's actually very funny :-) But the fact that he's painting the building only on the surface that he owns says something about lack of community thinking in this country!

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Sergey Kovalyov said...

Good example. Right, the worst thing about Ukraine is its infrastructure. "Poor" people still live in almost million dollar properties and don't want even to pay market price for the utilities. Any investments into the facade, elevators, stairs renovation in this situation are completely "out of scope". Government do nothing in this field, since all the politicians are actually communists here. No matter Yanukovich, Tymoshenko, Yuschenko or somebody else. Ukraine definitely requires unpopular reforms, but neither people nor politicians are ready for them. People prefer living in a degrading reality and listen to the fairy tales. Politicians prefer living on the large villas behind the high fence, drive Mercedes S600 and send their children somewhere to UK to protect them from this hopeless country. :)