Sunday, February 11, 2007

What I miss

OK, we've been living in Kiev for more than a year now so it's about time to list what I miss the most (besides family and friends):
  • A really good Sunday brunch
  • Respect for pedestrians
  • Direct flight connection between Kiev and Copenhagen
Mind you, things are moving FAST in this country. A year ago, I couldn't get a decent cafe latte 2 go, and good pizza was non existing. That's in the past. Cool new places are popping up every week.


JabbyPanda said...

May be you can get a good decent brunch at Coffee House?

Personally, I've never tried, it is not in Ukrainian culture to have a brunch in cafeteria.

BTW, what is your favourite place for Pizza and coffee in Kyiv?

Dan Kjaergaard said...

Coffee House, Double Coffee offer GREAT coffee - for pizza... Vesuvio. Just tried the other day and they delivered a hot pizza in 30 minutes. EXCELLENT!