Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good news come in series

Yesterday Ukraine was chosen to host the UEFA European Championship 2012. And now a 3rd place in watermelon production...

I know, it's silly
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Ukraine achieved the third place in Europe as for volumes of watermelon production in 2006

To trust the data of the official statistics, Ukraine was able to occupy the third place as watermelon producer in Europe because the country built up more than twice the watermelon production in 2006. According to the data of the official statistics, watermelon production in Ukraine constituted 687 thousands of tons in 2006.

Despite of the excessive supply of watermelon on Ukrainian market in 2006, many professional producers plan to extend watermelon cultivation areas in 2007. This crop is attractive because of the low production cost and unpretentious nature. At the same time, if there are channels to export the produce to EU countries, watermelon production can become a very profitable business.

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