Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ukrainian road repairmen

I recently witnessed a fantastic attitude among Ukrainian road repairmen. I guess the task was to fill some of the holes in the sidewalk in an attempt to even it out a bit.
These guys had to glue the sidewalk together using tar. But they didn’t have the equipment; they just had dry blocks of tar. But they didn’t give up. They just put the tar in a zinc bucket and built a bonfire next to the sidewalk. Then they put the zinc bucket on top of the bonfire, and after a few minutes they had hot tar ready to be poured into the cracks in the sidewalk. Job done!

I don’t know why I took a picture of the project and the three guys involved in it, but I guess I just never saw something like that back in Denmark. I mean five different laws would probably be violated if Danish road repairmen decided to start a fire like that.
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